Here you'll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Southeastern Mid-Atlantic Extension Site at CrossWalk Church!
8 Questions Parents Have
1. How much does it cost? How can we pay for it?
SEUMA costs about $5,800 per semester or $11,600 a year. This covers tuition for 12 credit hours per semester, site fees, and part of the costs for trips and events. Through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), students are able to apply for grants and loans.
2. How can I help my student prepare for SEUMA?
We ask all parents to assist their students in filling out their FAFSA by June 1st priorto the start of the semester. Parents should also determine the student’s housing options and partner with SEUMA’s staff to gather your student’s application documents (SAT, High School Transcripts, Christian Character Reference).
3. What kind of testing is required?
SEU requires applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores with their applications. These scores are used for placement, not to determine acceptance.
4. Who will be teaching and mentoring my student?
Our staff is made up of passionate Christian leaders who are dedicated to spreading the gospel and empowering the next generation to do the same. Students are mentored by CrossWalk’s staff of ministry professionals and taught by SEU’s qualified professors.
5. What kind of student are you looking for?
At SEUMA, we are all about training people to be more effective ministers, whether or not they are interested in vocational ministry. We are looking for students who want to grow in their walk with Christ, make long lasting relationships, and develop their personal and professional skills.
6. Why SEUMA instead of a traditional college experience?
SEUMA offers the highest quality academic education with high caliberhands-on experience under the tutelage of experienced professionals. SEUMAprovides a safe environment for growth, trial and error, and spiritual discipleshipall for a discounted tuition rate.
7. Is it accredited? What will my student learn? Do credits transfer?
Southeastern University (the SEU in SEUMA) is regionally accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS is widely regarded as the highest level of accreditation. Credits from a regionally accredited school will transfer to virtually any other school of the same level.
8. What are the facilities like?
SEUMA provides state-of-the-art classroom environments and an individual work space for every student.
8 Questions Students Have
1. How many years will it take to get my degree?
Through SEUMA, you can earn your Associate’s of Arts in Ministerial Leadership in 2 years or your Bachelor’s of Science in Ministerial Leadership in 4 years.
2. What can I do with a ministerial leadership degree?
A ministerial leadership degree can prepare you for the next phase of your life, whether that be a Master’s degree, full time ministry, or any other field of work.
3. What is the coursework like?
Whether working towards your Bachelor’s or your Associate’s, you’ll take a variety of Bible, leadership, ministry, and general education courses. Classes are taken two at a time in eight week sessions.
4. What is SEUMA’s Practicum Program?
Not only do you gain practical ministry experience at SEUMA, but you also earn 3 college credits per semester for FREE. A student serves 8 hours a week under the guidance of one of SEUMA’s practicum supervisors who are trained professionals in their field. Through this program, students learn first-hand about the ins and outs of their educational focus.
5. Which is better: AP classes or dual enrollment?
Unlike AP courses, dual enrollment courses are college courses from
start to finish. This means that instead of taking a test at the end that determines whether or not you get credit for your work, you are guaranteed credit as long as you pass the course.
6. What is the campus life like?
One of the greatest parts of SEUMA is the community. Students spend their days challenged by their peers and mentors to grow closer to Christ, develop their professional skills, and build lasting relationships.
7. How does SEUMA prepare me for a professional work environment?
When you’re a SEUMA student, you’re a valued part of CrossWalk’s staff. This means that not only is your input valued, but you are also held to the same professional standards of staff members. As a student, you will develop communication and relationship skills, as well as learn how to manage yourschedule in the workplace and beyond as you work alongside CrossWalk’s amazing team of leaders.
8. Do I have options with SEUMA?
Through SEUMA, you not only earn an accredited Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, you also gain experience and build your resume. This gives you the opportunity and the resources you need to take the next step, whether that means transitioning into a career or furthering your education after SEUMA.
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