Is YOur child ready to be baptized?
The next step after Salvation is Baptism.

As a follower of Christ, your child needs to make their decision public by getting baptized. This can happen at church during a weekend service! Baptism is a picture of what Jesus did on the cross and He tells us to be baptized to show others that we follow Him. Here are some things to talk about with your child.
Baptism is when we go under the water, symbolizing:
1. Washing away all the dirty stuff — our sins.
2. Jesus' death and resurrection — Jesus died and came back to life again on the third day.

Look Up Matthew 3:1-16, Matthew 28:16-20, John 3:1-21.
Does this mean you'll never sin again? Look Up 1 John 1:8-10 and Romans 6:1-5.

No. You should not live a life that chooses sin, but you will continue to make mistakes (sin). Only Jesus lived a sinless life.
When you sin again, what do you do?

Most kids are more worried about getting in trouble by Mom or Dad when they do something wrong than asking God for forgiveness, so it’s hard for them to not connect “getting in trouble” when we talk about God and sin. Make sure they understand that it’s by the grace and love of Jesus that our sins are forgiven.

The answer is to confess or “say” your sins to God in prayer and sometimes to the person we have done wrong to.
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