At our Williamsburg campuses we're pulling together as a church to build out brand new facilities that are dedicated to the next generation! 
What is Kidswalk?
For babies through 5th grade, Kidswalk is uniquely designed to lead kids to encounter Jesus, encourage each other, and engage the world. 

The Kidswalk we see is Jesus centered, Bible teaching, and world reaching. We believe that when kids encounter Jesus and learn the truth about God, they will discover who they are because of Him! We understand that if we strategically reach them now, we won’t need to rescue them later. We see a safe and fun environment where kids want to be and where they want to bring their friends. We want to create an atmosphere of faith, generosity, and devotion that is not built in one day, but is built daily by parents, volunteers...and our church family.
Why We're Different
We value teaching the Bible in a compelling way on a kid's level. We value partnering with families. We value worshiping with exuberant expression. We value peer relationships built in small groups. We value global and local missions. We value safety. We value fun. We value raising up leaders to use their gifts and abilities for God!
What We Offer
Children in Kidswalk not only develop the ideology of loving and serving their church, but they also learn to pray for and engage their world. In Kidswalk, we offer challenges and strategies to do just that! We also offer discipleship in age-appropriate small groups that will strengthen their faith so that their faith will shape their future.
What We’re Doing
Last year, our emphasis in Kidswalk was teaching kids to love their church. We focused on our internal strategy - our leadership structure, the quality of our content, and our values. But now we sense a shift. It is time to teach children how to love and pray for the world. We saw fruit from this focus when the kids raised $1,600 for world missions in just one week! This is evidence that God is leading and providing for the vision that we have committed to Him.

But engaging our world is more than global. We can reach around the world to help alleviate needs, but we must not neglect to reach down into our own church and build up the children He brings from our backyards, our neighborhoods, and our community. Now is the time to emphasize what Kidswalk looks like externally so that more kids can come encounter Jesus. Now is the time to move away from multi-purpose space and instead create purposeful and playful environments where kids can grow. A place that is full of color and wonder designed to tell a story that will influence kids for the rest of their lives.

We are excited for the next phase of Kidswalk at CrossWalk Church. We invite you to be an integral part of championing the value of the next generation.
Questions & Answers
WHAT EXACTLY ARE WE FUNDING? This project will fund the remodeling of our Kidswalk spaces for babies through 5th grade at our Williamsburg campuses. 

WHY ARE WE FUNDING IT? Through this new phase and emphasis, we will reach more children with the good news of Jesus now so that we won't need to rescue them later. 

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? The project will cost us $250,000. 

WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO EXACTLY? We want our church to partner with us in faith and generosity to complete the project in 2017. You can make an upfront financial commitment on Sunday, October 2nd, and contribute toward the progress of your pledge throughout the campaign.  

CAN I GIVE ANYTIME? Starting on Sunday, October 2nd, you can give toward this campaign at any time as God prompts you to be a part. The campaign will last until February 2017. 

WHEN WILL THE PROJECT BE COMPLETED? The Kidswalk areas will be remodeled by Easter 2017. 

WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT ONCE THIS PROJECT IS OVER? Our Kidswalk areas will be safer, more fun, and more age-appropriate to accomplish our mission of leading kids to encounter Jesus, encourage each other, and engage the world. We also believe that it will create an environment where kids and volunteers will want to be and will want to bring their friends. 

WHAT IF WE DO NOT DO THIS PROJECT; WHAT WILL BE MISSING? One of our values as a church is “we grow and change.” Without this project, we will risk staying the same and miss an opportunity to imprint and impact the next generation. We want to offer the very best experience for families so that they feel inspired when coming to church.
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