Students @ CrossWalk

NeXus Small Groups:

Norge Campus – Tuesday Nights 7-8:30PM
7575 Richmond Road, Williamsburg VA

West Point Campus – Tuesday Nights 7-8:30PM
8000 Kentwood Ave, West Point VA

Kingsway Campus – COMING SOON

For information about high school school groups that meet off campus, CLICK HERE

Next Big All Campus Gathering – July 25th – Kingsway Campus from 6-9PM

NeXus is a place where students from 6th through 12th grade come together to an environment where individualism is not only accepted but encouraged; where students can feel socially safe and accepted as they are seeking answers to some of life’s most difficult questions and experiences, while knowing that they’ve found a support network based in faith and fellowship. We help students to know and experience God in a real and tangible way, teaching them how they can trust and reach up to Him to fulfill them, rather than fighting the shifting sands of the world’s views of them. As they experience the presence and meaning of Christ in their lives, students are able to reach in to connect with peers and adult leaders who walk with them through their joys and struggles, accepting and loving them as they are. Each student is given an outlet to plug in their interests, passions, and talents to reach other students, as well as to reach out to others in their peer circles, families, schools, and communities. If you have any questions contact Michael Yardley or watch the video to the left to hear more about Nexus.